First Steps – Flower arranging

What I found very disturbing after I escaped the big black hole was that I was unable to read! After having spent years reading books and documents and papers to do with Education, and years of reading paperback and novels for enjoyment, and not as enjoyable books I was forced to read for my English course at college, now here I was unable to sustain the concentration to read more than a few words on a paper!! Ok. No worries the reading crisis would have to be dealt with at later date.

So, the first thing I did ‘Out of my Comfort Zone’ was to join a Flower Arranging course!

flower arrangingEveryone I know, close family and friends, split their sides at hearing this as, to be fair, I am not exactly the most visually creative person to walk this earth. My hands are not delicate and I am very messy! I have no particular interest in flowers per say and quite happy to buy a bunch and dump them in a vase of water, place them on the hearth or a windowsill and enjoy the sight. So, off I went! A complete novice! Wow! Wow! Wow!! When I got home after that first lesson, I can honestly say that I thought my head would not get in through that back door. I couldn’t believe that I had created such a thing of beauty! I had never imagined that arranging flowers could give such pleasure and boost confidence and pride!! A year on, I still attend classes, own a complete set of new tools, ravage my garden of every bit of colour that pops out of the ground ( much to my mother’s dismay, but well worth it when I see the pleasure and delight in her eyes when a beautiful arrangement is presented to her on a weekly basis! ) I have even been asked to arrange the flowers for a September wedding!! So there you go!!

My new found entrepreneurial head is now seeing pound signs! I’m not dismissing the idea of making money in phase three of my life. In fact, at the speed I am spending it I will no doubt be looking for some kind of employment over the next 5 years to supplement my income. Mmmmm on line flower arranger is beginning to sound good!

Here is a collage of some of my arrangements. I made the top left hand corner arrangement as a present for my sister’s 60th birthday. ‘Tea and Cakes’. She was delighted, I’m happy to say. The bottom middle one was made for a cousin who had no idea what to take to his auntie’s 85th birthday so we nipped into town,bought a few flowers and …. dah dah! A nice arrangement just looks so impressive and really, who doesn’t like a room with some flowers in it?

flower collage

I have a great teacher. His name is Jonathan Lloyd Davies! He lives and breathes flowers and makes the art of arranging look so simple. jonathanHe is so patient and simply wonderful. Check out his website here


I have now been asked to create a bouquet for my friend’s September wedding!! The is my first commission!! Yikes. But I’ll do it! There is no room for negativity!


Where to Begin??

So begins the new phase of life. How exciting!! Naturally it was all very strange to begin with, and horror of horrors  shock I personally have a smaller cash flow than I have been used to. However, the key is to keep positive. Enjoy! Don’t rush into doing anything straight off. Take some lessons, go on courses – you’ll get cheaper ones now as you have retired-  think of something you have always wanted to do but just haven’t had the time to do so. Explore the world outside of the work place. Cast your mind back to when you were much younger. Did you have a dream back then that has been filed away and forgotten? Reach out now and make that dream come true.

Remember – Retire from work, but not from life. ~M.K. Soni


Listen to these videos! Life goes on!

Check out Twitter and see what the plethora of retired  people have to say about their change of life. Quite inspiring!!

People say the happiest people are single people and that is 100 % FALSE. The happy people are retired people.

— Sarah Jane (@SJ4454) 27 April 2016

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Having recently retired ( early retirement, I must add!) I have decided to make a great leap of faith and move away from my comfort zone and embrace a very different life-style from the one that I have lived for the las last 25  years of my life! No more alarm clock morning calls, 8 am – 6pm at the work place followed by 2hrs of rushed family time, and then night time planning for the following day ending in 6 hrs sleep until hey presto the alarm clock morning call again!

good morning

No! Finished! Gone!!  No more of the life as I knew it but unchartered territory awaits full of wrapped up surprises waiting to be opened! I hope! We are never too old to make these changes, believe me! Having spent 2 years in a wilderness after finally crawling out of a big, deep, bottomless, black,  bleak hole, I now find myself, at last, enjoying this new journey or this new path of life I am embarking upon. It’s not all plain sailing and easy but it is exciting. It is also the next chapter of my journey through life and for this part, I shall begin recording it! I am no expert at life, that’s for sure, but I can honestly say that there is such a beautiful day-time world out there that I hadn’t experienced before or even known was there until I tumbled off that torturous treadmill of my stressful daily routine. It’s wonderful and I am so happy to be here to enjoy it.

Please join me on my journey. Talk to me, contribute to my blog, tell me about you. I will not be offering great words of wisdom or advice on how to live your life but I hope that maybe I can be a companion to you and you to me, as we new ‘retirees’ begin this new phase of our lives! Happy retirement to one and all!