Having recently retired ( early retirement, I must add!) I have decided to make a great leap of faith and move away from my comfort zone and embrace a very different life-style from the one that I have lived for the las last 25  years of my life! No more alarm clock morning calls, 8 am – 6pm at the work place followed by 2hrs of rushed family time, and then night time planning for the following day ending in 6 hrs sleep until hey presto the alarm clock morning call again!

good morning

No! Finished! Gone!!  No more of the life as I knew it but unchartered territory awaits full of wrapped up surprises waiting to be opened! I hope! We are never too old to make these changes, believe me! Having spent 2 years in a wilderness after finally crawling out of a big, deep, bottomless, black,  bleak hole, I now find myself, at last, enjoying this new journey or this new path of life I am embarking upon. It’s not all plain sailing and easy but it is exciting. It is also the next chapter of my journey through life and for this part, I shall begin recording it! I am no expert at life, that’s for sure, but I can honestly say that there is such a beautiful day-time world out there that I hadn’t experienced before or even known was there until I tumbled off that torturous treadmill of my stressful daily routine. It’s wonderful and I am so happy to be here to enjoy it.

Please join me on my journey. Talk to me, contribute to my blog, tell me about you. I will not be offering great words of wisdom or advice on how to live your life but I hope that maybe I can be a companion to you and you to me, as we new ‘retirees’ begin this new phase of our lives! Happy retirement to one and all!



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